Skin it up!

I ordered the aluminum skin last week and it finally arrived. I will post pics as soon as I can get time. This work thing is killing my free time.  Anyone looking for aluminum sheets should check out Copper and Brass Sales Division. There was a little delivery mix up that was somewhat frustrating however the end result was positive. I did not have to call on friends or family to use their truck. I have not found many places here in salt lake that carries all of the aluminum I need and will deliver for $8.

I just got back in to town and can’t wait to get working on the build. I just ordered parts from and should get my windows soon. I have a 3 day weekend and plan on finishing the electrical, the hatch, and insulate the top. We will see how It goes. Feel free to ask me any questions or make suggestions. I love to get feedback on the site. I will try and get some of the beer stuff up this weekend as well. I have a ton of beer recipes and som DIY projects that aid in brewing. Thanks for looking.